Grass Couch!

Grass Couch!


• Healthy soil
• Wire staples – from Mitre 10 Mega
• Ready Lawn – from landscaping stores
• Water


Step One: Make a Base
Pack enough dirt to make a rectangle on the ground – height and size up to you depending on how big you want the couch. You do need it to be high enough for your feet to comfortably hang off in a couch like fashion . Make sure you compress the dirt to make it sturdy enough to handle your weight.
Note: Make sure the dirt you use is healthy soil that plants can grow in.

Step Two: Shaping
Start moulding your square of dirt into a couch shape. Add more dirt to make a backing for the couch and build it up. Again make sure you compress for sturdiness. You can use water to help you mould the shape. You should end up with a dirt looking couch with a backing and no arms.

Step Three: Ready Lawn
Use your ready lawn as appropriate. Cover all sections of your couch. Using wire staples, hold the ready lawn into place. This should keep them from not moving which in turn will make your grass couch stronger. You can cut to fit to make it look cleaner once you have laid it all down and locked the ready lawn into place. Your couch should now look like a grass couch with no arms.
Tip: If you lay ready lawn strips width ways it ends up looking much cleaner.
Note: You can use grass seeds instead of ready lawn. You get the same result – it just takes longer.

Step Four: Arm Rests
Using similar length pieces of ready lawn, roll them up into tight tubes. These will be your arm rests. After you have rolled them up lift and carefully place on either side of the couch creating arm rests. Use the wire staples to stablise them mostly through the bottom sides, and middle.

Step Five: Base
Finish off the couch by laying excess ready lawn around it.

Step Six:
Water off your grass couch and leave it for a couple of days to settle before sitting on it. And there you go! You’re very own grass couch. Make sure you keep attending to it as it is a living plant. That means constantly watering it and trimming. 

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