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Glee to take on The Who’s Tommy

A scene from Tommy the musical - Shaftesbury Theatre, London 1996

An upcoming episode of Glee is to pay tribute to The Who’s famous rock musical Tommy.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Glee producer Ryan Murphy is planning a “lavish remake” of the iconic production.

The report goes on to say that Who founding band members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are “expected to make appearances.”

Tommy, which was first staged in 1992, is based on the band’s 1969 album of the same name.

The musical tells the story of a deaf, dumb and blind boy who discovers his talent for playing pinball and gains a cult-like following.

Songs from the production include Pinball Wizard, See Me, Feel Me, and Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

The album was followed by a film version in 1975 with a cast which included Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Elton John and Jack Nicholson.

The episode, if it does go ahead, is expected to be longer than the usual one hour screening.

Love The Who? Never heard of them? What do you think of Glee doing Tommy? Comment below.

Watch a clip of The Pinball Wizard from Tommy, performed at Shaftesbury Theatre, London in 1996

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