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Glee in name battle with UK comedy club

The Glee Club - Birmingham

Glee fans in the UK are facing the prospect of the series being taken off the air due to a legal battle over the show’s name.

The situation arises from a breach of trademark claim filed by the owner of a British chain of comedy clubs.

The Glee Club franchise of four clubs was launched in 1990s by Mark Tughan, prior to the advent of the hit show.

Tughan claims that the shared name is damaging his brand and was bad for business, the BBC reports.

"People are poisioned before they even get to us and it’s not something I can sit idly by and ignore it as its causing real damage to my business."

Tughan said that he initially held off taking action against the Fox show, which began in 2009, because he thought the show would might fade out.

However the series, now in it’s third season, has become one of the most popular shows and has spawned a franchise including albums and musical downloads.

The injunction sought by Tughan could prevent the show screening in the UK, with tens of millions of dollars potentially at stake for Fox, the judge said.

Tughan said he was not thinking of the money and was taking the action “reluctantly”.

Fox is challenging Tughan’s trademark and launching a counter claim.

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