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Glee Recap: S4 Ep 12 Naked


Faith is away so we'll be recapping episodes in the meantime

Hunter Clarington assaults reporters when the media surrounds him and grills him about the steroid allegations against the Dalton Academy Warblers - but the scandal means New Directions is back in the running for Regionals, again needing to raise money for their travel budget. Tina proposes shooting a calendar featuring the sexy men of glee club.

Brittany welcomes Marley to her Internet show "Fondue for Two," and Marley is put on the spot when Brittany suggests she make her feelings for Jake known to him. Later Brittany and Sam discover they've earned, respectively, the highest and lowest SAT scores at McKinley (Brittany's high score was the result of creating random patterns out of the test answers). She consoles Sam by assuring him his great body will earn him a good future, while she makes ambitious academic plans for herself as "one of the smartest people in America."

Rachel lands a leading role in a student film but must commit to appearing in a topless scene - her divided natures literally argue out her options in her head as two Rachels, dueting on the Natalie Imbruglia song "Torn" until she ultimately decides to do it.

When Sam walks the halls in a Speedo, Blaine suggests he's overcompensating for his SAT flop. Sam conducts a "seminar" in which he offers tips and techniques for posing for the sexy calendar, warming the glee guys up with "bro-ga" - "yoga for bros" - and working out to a mashup of The J. Geils Band's "Centerfold" and Nelly's "Hot In Herre." Finn and the girls are impressed by the guys' efforts, but Artie remains dubious about the shirtless photos.

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