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by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Gleeks, let us rejoice because the hiatus is over and Glee is back! 

Here's a quick Glee-cap of the previous epsiode: in New York, our favourite couples unravel and all end up going their separate ways.  Back at McKinley, the new New Directions start thinking about the upcoming school musical.  And what could be more Glee than Grease? 

This week Artie, along with newly appointed co-director Finn, oversee Grease auditions.  The second season winner of The Glee Project makes his much anticipated debut and more original cast members make their first season four appearance – Mercedes, Mike Chang and Coach Bieste. 


1. Welcome to the Glee family, Blake Jenner! 

With Finn gone and Blaine too depressed post-Klaine demise, the New Directions were in dire need of a leading male vocal.  Looks like Finn is the official TGP one man welcome party and glee club recruiter – first Rory now Ryder.  I like Ryder so far and that he's essentially Finn pre-glee club.  My favourite Ryder moment apart from his hilarious break dancing was him calling Kitty a bitch!  

2. Welcome back, Mercedes and Mike Chang! 

I loved that Artie enlisted their help to provide vocal and choreography pointers – who better than the diva herself and the man with all the moves?  It was the perfect way to bring them back into the series; it felt very nostalgic and heartwarming to have a bit of an “original glee club” reunion.

3. The Wade/ Unique Dilemma

This week gender confusion and gender identity issues was a central theme in the story.  I thought it was written incredibly well and I'm guessing this is why Ryan Murphy decided to let Alex Newell continue being on Glee past his-two episode arc – to develop his character with regards to the drag persona and reasons behind it.      

4. Mr Schue passes on the baton

I'm so happy my guess turned out correct, I had a strong hunch that Finn would take over the New Directions!  It will be interesting to see the New Directions under new direction (pun intended!).  Personally I think this could be very good for the glee club – new club, new teacher.       


1. The wrath of Kitty

She is such a nasty piece of work!  She's even more acid-tongued than Sue and more mean-spirited than her predecessor, Quinn, ever was.  I don't like that she is now sort of a part of the New Directions as she will no doubt cause havoc to the group dynamic. 

2. Mike Chang and Tina post break up. 

It probably could have been a bit more awkward to be more believable but that was still pretty awkward.  I didn't like that there was a huge jump between Tina refusing to be a part of the musical and her getting a part in it at the end – what changed her mind?

3. Finn's slip of the tongue

Finn crossing the line and calling Coach Sue's baby a retard – ouch.  Suffice it to say, Finn just made himself a very huge enemy in Sue and if her track record with Mr Schue is anything to go by, she is going to make Finn pay and give the glee club hell. 

My Glee Forecast

1. I think we will get to hear a bit more Mercedes' and Mike Chang's back story.

2. There will no doubt be a lot of Finn versus Coach Sue head-butting.

3. I have a feeling by the end of the season Finn will realize he's new calling – to be a teacher. 

This Week's Glee Playlist

1. Hopelessly Devoted To You

2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

3. Juke Box Hero

4. Everybody Talks

5. Born To Hand Jive

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