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Glee Blog: S4 Ep 15 Girls (And Boys) On Film

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by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Glee is back after a wee hiatus and so am I, and what a significant episode to come back to: this episode features the series’ 500th musical number.  This week’s episode features songs from the movies and the New Directions’ annual mash-up sing off. 

1. How cool was that opening intro number?!  Loved the black-and-white Fred Astair-esque set up and I especially liked the walking on the walls and ceilings – very cool.
2.  Kurt and Blaine singing Come What May – BEAUTIFUL.  Personally it is one of my favourite songs and Moulin Rouge is my favourite movie so I was very excited when I heard Glee would be covering it!  I loved the arrangement; how it was stripped back and slowed down.
3.  Musical number 500! It’s hard to believe that there have been 500 songs and us Gleeks have been a part of the journey too.  Check out this video of the cast looking back at the many performances leading up to this momentous number.
4. Jake is growing on me...vocally.  I thought he sang Unchained Melody really well, possibly better than Ryder – and I like Ryder!  The pottery scene was so cheesy but inevitable being movie week.

1. I couldn’t believe Santana’s utter disregard for people’s personal privacy.  Seriously who does that?!
2. Rachel potentially being pregnant is the epitome of “glee-sastrous” in terms of her unwavering ambition to become a star.  If she is indeed pregnant, how will she bounce back?  
3. When Finn finally confesses to Mr. Schuester that he kissed Emma.  That awkward pause before Mr. Schue storms off was so excruciating!  

My Glee Forecast
1. I sense a showdown between Finn and Mr. Schuester.  I think – and hope! – it will be very similar to the showdown between Mr. Schue and Bryan Ryan back in Season 1.
2. Things are not looking good for Brody.  Is he a drug dealer?  I think we might find out next week!
3. If Rachel is definitely pregnant, it only seems logical that Quinn will be back again.  It would be a very “oh how the tables have turned” moment which I think would be really interesting to see.

This Week’s Glee Playlist
1. You’re All The World To Me – Royal Wedding
2. Shout – The Isley Brothers
3. Come What May – Moulin Rouge
4. Old Time Rock And Roll / Danger Zone – Bob Seger / Kenny Loggins
5. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend / Material Girl – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / Madonna
6. In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
7. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
8. Footloose – Kenny Loggins

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