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Glee Blog: S4 Ep 11 Sadie Hawkins

Glee Sadie Hawkins Dance

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Happy 2013, my fellow Gleeks!  How happy is everyone that Glee is back?! 

After a hiatus that felt more like six months than six weeks, Glee is back and with 142 days until prom, of course love is in the air!  This year with Tina at the charge it's all about girl power as the tables turn and the ladies of McKinley (Unique included!) choose their dates.


1. Lots of hilarious lines in this episode: Sam's unintentional mispronunciation "I want to sit under Uranus", Puck calling Kitty "skanky meow mix" and you can't go wrong with a classic Brittany-ism: "Don't eat the snowflakes, they're fake and the glitter sticks to the roof of your mouth."

2. Glee shippers, are your minds blown?  I can sort of see how Blaine started having a thing for Sam as they have become close since they became co-captains of the New Directions but I definitely didn't see "Blaitina" coming!  They do make quite a cute couple, I must say!

3. I love that there is a glee club at NYADA!  Though I can't say Adam's Apples is the best of names, even less so since the ringleader's name is Adam – not very original, is it?  But I do like Adam (quite easy on the eye!), and I am really keen to see how things with him and Kurt progress...

4. I thought the Adam's Apples' rendition of Baby Got Back was GENIUS.  Completely flipped the original on its head and in a pretty darn good way, in my opinion! 

5. The whole Warblers cheating conspiracy storyline was pretty clever and interesting turn of events.  I especially liked how enthusiastic Sam was in getting the evidence – the whole "FACT!" thing he kept doing was rather nerdy cute.


1. How excruciating was it when Tina asked Blaine to the dance?!  His reaction and subsequent rejection – tres awkward.

2. Puck and Kitty. Um, eww.

3. I thought how Rachel reacted towards Brody being late was a bit over the top, don't you think?  I like her new New York look but not her new drama queen attitude so much...

 My Glee Forecast

1. The Warblers will be exposed as the dirty, "druggy" cheaters they are.  I sense a second New Directions versus Warblers war ala when Sebastian threw a rigged slushie at Blaine last season...

2. I think there's a good chance Blaine will either admit his feelings to Sam or "experiment" with Tina.  Or both!  And most likely it will be spring from hearing about Kurt moving on.

This Week's Glee Playlist

1. I Don't Know How To Love Him – Jesus Christ Superstar

2. Baby Got Back – Jonathan Coulton

3. Tell Him – The Exciters

4. No Scrubs – TLC

5. Locked Out Of Heaven – Bruno Mars

6. I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingos

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