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Glee Blog: Glee Actually

Glee Actually

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

It's that time of the (Glee) year again – it's the Glee Christmas episode!  This one's not as Christmas-ey as the previous seasons in my opinion but the carols are covered wonderfully so you will still feel warm and fuzzy by the end of it.


1. Sue's uncharacteristically festive office!  She has come so far from being the Grinch back in season two.  Her extremely generous gift to Marley and her mum was so touching; I think it's my favourite Sue moment this season!   

2. I loved the black and white alternative universe dream sequence.  It's nice that every so often Ryan Murphy gives Kevin McHale (Artie) a chance to strut his stuff out of the wheelchair.  Especially considering he is actually ironically the best dancer out of the group... 

3. Rory's back!  Although sadly it seems not for real which I'm rather upset about since I thought that was the case!  Even though Artie says otherwise, I do think his diction has gotten a whole lot better.  And major kudos to Damian for managing that tongue twister of a line: "You were the glue of Glee ... no glue, no Glee."

4. Rachel going on a "Rosie O'Donnell gay holiday cruise" with her two dads and asking Kurt to join as there will be a Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell on Modern Family) look-a-like contest.  Need I say more?!

5. Kurt's dad surprising Kurt in New York and bringing a tree (including an appropriate ornament for Rachel even!) and Blaine was so incredibly sweet.  Best father in the (Glee) world?  I think so!

6. Blaine and Kurt's dad clockwatching and seeing who will win a bet on when Kurt will give up watching the game and turn to Vogue instead was hilarious!  It's nice to see the two of them getting along so well and Burt in his own way playing matchmaker...

7. Sam and Brittany forming a "2012 Mayan Apocalypse Club and subsequently becoming "Mayan star husband and wife".  Even though it amounted to nothing in the end, how sweet were those vows they exchanged?!

8. I loved that Sue was able to predict to pretty much the exact detail of what was going to happen when she gets asked to see Marley.  That look she gives Marley's mum is priceless!  I really loved the closing number, especially how it shifted between three different locations. 


1. How grim was the glee club in Artie's dream?  Quinn dying was such a sad story...

2. Burt having prostate cancer.  Seeing Kurt's devastated face just broke my heart!

This Week's Glee Playlist

1. Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

2. White Christmas – Michael Bublé feat. Shania Twain

3. Oh Chanukah – Barenaked Ladies

4. Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

5. The First Nöel – Traditional

6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland

Well Gleeks, the season is on hiatus now and only back at the end of January so until then, have a Glee-tastic Christmas and a Glee-ful New Year!

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