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Glee Blog: Ep 19 Sweet Dreams

Glee Sweet Dreams

Following what unfolded in the previous episode, unsurprisingly McKinley High is still recovering from the traumatic incident.  Sam creates Evans, his twin brother with the odd accent (kind of British but not...) and Mr Schue puts on a pair of grumpy pants this week.   

Meanwhile Finn lives the college frat life with Puck and in New York , Rachel auditions for Funny Girl.  Neither seem to be aware or show any concern (if they were aware) about what happened at McKinley which bothers me a little!                                                                      


1. Love Tina’s new “steam punk” look!  Reminds me of her original goth days way back in season one, only better.

2.  Yay for the return of original songs.  Small gripe: not so realistic how Marley just gives the music sheet to the boys and they magically already know the song.  There are people out there who can sight read music like that, but it’s a rare skill!

3. I love that there is another rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’!  Nice to hear it as a solo and I also thought the original glee club of season one singing in spirit with Rachel was a nice nostalgic touch.

4. I thought Blaine and Becky reciting back Coach Roz’s “I solemnly swear” bit was hilarious!   Especially how they (well more Blaine) mimicked her phrasing and intonation exactly!         

5. Welcome back to the glee club, Finn!   Accidental Emma kiss aside, he and Mr Schue do make a pretty good team, I reckon.                     


1. Coach Roz is back!  Her insulting Coach Sue and how she gave birth to a fully grown baby, though rather mean, never gets old.

2.  Mr Schue going off at the glee club was pretty painful to watch.  Please no more grumpy pants, Mr Schue!                                                                                           

This Week’s Glee Playlist

1. Next To Me- Emeli Sandé

2. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) – The Beastie Boys

3. You Have More Friends Than You Know – original composition

4. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

5. Out cast – original composition

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Glee Sweet Dreams

Glee Blog: Ep 19 Sweet Dreams

Following what unfolded in the previous episode, unsurprisingly McKinley High is still recovering from the traumatic incident.

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