Gerry's "Train or Study" Quiz

Gerry's "Train or Study" Quiz

Wondering if you should train to gain skills to get a job once you finish school or whether Uni is a better option? Well take Gerry’s quiz to find out!

After each question write down the letter of the option that applies to you!

QUESTION ONE! What are your favourite classes at school?

A. “I like lunch P.E. and after school. Is after school a subject?”

B. “I like practical subjects woodwork metalwork or cooking  just doing stuff with my hands”

C. “I like learning in the class room, English, Maths, Science, History that sort of thing”

D. “I’m a 25 year old man but I used to like going on the computers before school”

QUESTION TWO! Which of the following statements are most familiar to you?’

A. “Your half an hour late and your wearing a mankini”

B. “I don’t like being stuck in a classroom all day”

C. “Nerd! Why don’t you go back to class” “we’re in class right now” “what you think you’re smarter than me.

D. “Mum get off the computer your slowing down the internet and I’m tryna play XBOX 360 Online GOSH!”

QUESTION THREE! What sort of job would you like to do when you grow up!

A. “I just wanna be rich, I don’t want a job”

B. “I’d like a practical job where I can use my skill’s to help people.”

C. “I want to solve problems and create things and wear a suit!”

D. “Mum I told you I’ve already got a job, its called professional musician! Stop asking me questions about it… sorry about that mum, Can I borrow some money?”

If you got mainly A’s: Watch out! In this test A’s are defiantly not for awesome. You need to stop fooling around and start taking school more seriously if you don’t want to end up like people who got mainly D’s!

If most of your answers were B’s: Keep up the good work! You don’t have to be an expert at a traditional subject to be awesome at school. Find the classes that you enjoy doing and you’re bound to be successful! You should definitely aim for a course or Uni after you leave school. There’s a niche for everyone, Personally I went to TV school for 3 years and know that I know how to turn on a TV the possibilities are limitless!

For those of you who got C’s: Cracker work guy’s, don’t let the A’s or the D’s bring you down, keep trying your best at school and your sure to be a success when it comes time to attend a University or some other awesome smart person place!

If you got mainly D’s: Steve! Come on mate your 25! You need to play less “guitar hero” and play more “guitar go out into the world and find a job”. Make your mum proud! Or at least help buy the groceries!

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