Gerry's "Sweet or Stubborn" Test

Gerry's "Sweet or Stubborn" Test

This is a test to see if you’re ‘sweet or stubborn’. Are you someone who goes with the flow or are you someone who always has to be right? Write down your answers and tally them up at the end.

QUESTION ONE: You’re in an argument with your little sister during a game of Monopoly do you.

A) Argue until your sister gives up.
B) Explain your point and then let her have her way, after all she’s littler than you!

QUESTION TWO: What’s your aim when it comes to playing board games?

A) Win at all costs.
B) Win at some costs but certainly not 100 dollars! That’s way to much! It’s important to have fun!

QUESTION THREE: What’s the easiest way to win an argument.

A) Annoy the other person by covering your ears and singing yellow submarine loudly?
B) Agree with them on some points and ask them to agree with you on others.

QUESTION FOUR: Would you rather be politician or a peacemaker?

A) Politician
B) Peacemaker

If most of your answers were A’s then I’ve got some bad news, you might be a little stubborn! I don’t want to say anything that will offend you because I know you’ll probably try and argue with me, but hey! I (Gerry) didn’t write the test! Well actually I did write the test, that’s not the point.

If you got mainly B’s then congratulado’s you’re a sweetie… you’re sensible and level headed in an argument and you know that sometimes being pushy isn’t the best plan to get your way!

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