Gerry's "Pushy or Patient" Quiz

Gerry's "Pushy or Patient" Quiz

What response did you have to Gerry’s drawn out and slightly boring introduction:
a) I wish this dude would hurry up – 0 points
b) Muuuaaaam the TV’s broken… oh no never mind… - 1 point

Do you like cricket:
a) Yes love all forms of the game – 1 point
b) It’s too long and boring – 0 points
c) Cricket? the insect or the game? – minus 3 points

You’ve just got back from a trip to an amusement park what was the worst thing about the trip:
a) The super long queues – 0 points
b) Nothing. The waiting and the excitement was the best part – 3 points

Patience is the:
a) Key – 2 points
b) Not key – minus one point
c) Name of the people I serve in my job as a doctor – 1 point

Good things take:
a) Time- 2 points
b) A lot of hassling people who can help you get good things, get out of my way grandma. – minus 2 points.

That brings us to the end of the quiz. It’s time to tally up your scores...

BONUS QUESTION: How do you respond to this delay?
a) No problem I can wait: 1 point
b) Boooo I want the answers now! I appreciate your enthusiasm but you have to be patient! – Minus 1 point.

If you got more than 6 points: Congratulations your calm cool and collected, patience is a virtue and you are virtudeious? Virtuous! You know if you take your time and wait your turn, good things will come your way.

If you scored between 3 and 6 Points: Good work! Your almost there! Don’t forget good things take time and pretty soon I’m sure you’ll have the patience of an angel. Or at least a human who’s glued on some wings.

The rest of you! Well! I hope the quiz wasn’t too long for you man, some people don’t’ have any time for anything! In a world of twitter, email and instant messaging it’s easy to get impatient and to want things instantly but at the end of the day if you wait your turn and take little steps your bound to enjoy things more!

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