Gerry's "Lover or Hater" Quiz

Gerry's "Lover or Hater" Quiz

Are you a Lover or a Hater? Find out by taking Gerry’s Quiz!

QUESTION ONE: What makes you comment on a youtube video:
A)I love the video and I want to high 10 the person who made it!
B)I comment when I don’t like a video, I press the keys extra hard when I type.
C)I try and get the top rated comment so I pretty much just right Justin Beiber 4eva every time.

QUESTION TWO: What’s your favorite type of video on the internet.
A)I like to watch talented people and cool things!
B)I like epic fails, I wanna see people stuff up and then laugh. Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha.
C)I like donuts! I like video’s that include donuts. What was the question agian?

We’re up to question three, what are you thinking:
A)Yay question three, Yay!
B)Boo question 3 is lame.
C)I wish I had a donut about now! All this talk about me wishing I had a donut has got me wishing I had a donut.

Your friends ask if you wanna come on a beach picnic what do you say:
A)I’d love to come, I’ll bring some snacks, this will be awesome.
B)No thanks, I don’t like the beach, It probably won’t be that good. You’ll probably get stung by a bee or jellyfish or a bee riding a jellyfish, I’m staying home.
C)Sorry I can’t make it, I just ate a whole bunch of donuts and now I feel sick!

If you got mainly A’s: Congratulado’s! you’re a lover, you’ve got a good attitude your supportive and you help those around you to flourish by building up their confidence and keeping any mean thoughts to yourself.

Speaking of keeping thoughts to yourself, if you got mainly B’s you might wanna check yourself! I’m all for constructive criticism, but sometimes you have to question weather you’re being helpful or just straight up hating?Don’t worry though I’m not going to hate, keep on doing what you do just maybe put yourself in other peoples shoes sometimes before your too negative about things.

If you got mainly C’s, I don’t really know what to say? Its obvious you enjoy donuts, don’t eat too many they’re only good in moderation but I guess you already knew that!

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