Gerry's "Friend or Fake" Quiz

Gerry's "Friend or Fake" Quiz

Take Gerry’s quiz to find out whether you are a true friend of the highest moral flubber! OR whether you are a fake, an impersonator who is using your relationship with somebody to get what you want!

QUESTION ONE! Your “friend” is having a rough day and feels sad, what do you do?

A )Hang out with them, find out what’s wrong and do your best to cheer them up.
B) Ignore them until it goes away, you don’t want to hang out with someone who’s a downer!
C) The best way to cheer anyone up is a Justin Bieber Marathon! We can talk about Justin Bieber, Listen to Justin Bieber. Talk about Justin Bieber some more you get the point….

QUESTION TWO! Why do you like being friends with this person?

A)You get on really well and you have a lot in common.
B)They’ve got a play station plus you want to get invited to their birthday party plus you want to eat their lunch!
C)Because they are the closest thing that we have to perfection! i love them more than i love Justin Bieber and i love Justin Bieber seriously you have no idea lol!

QUESTION THREE! This is a bit of a Daryl Tuffy so listen up! Your friend tells you they have crush on someone that you also have a crush on what do you do.

A)You are honest with them, you tell them of your crush, and you both agree you don’t want a silly crush to come between the two of you!
B)I’ll die if they get my crush over me! I’m going to try break them up!
C)Can change my last answer to say that I love my friend slightly less than Justin Bieber? Which is still real heaps… OMG!! Is the person they have a crush on Justin Bieber? If it is I will die! Justin Bieber loves me I know it! He wrote a song about me… well it’s about me now that I changed my name to “baby baby baby oh”.

If you got mainly A’s: Congratulations you are a true friend! You’re honest, reliable and caring plus you don’t rave on about Justin Bieber all the time like that other nut job!
If you got B’s: Uh Oh, looks like you need to take a good hard look at your friendship! Do you really like the person or are you just using them? Right now you’re in fake territory you’ve got a lot of catching up to do if you want to be a good friend.
If you got mainly C’s: Two words for you! Calm down, you’re a good friend, but you’ve caught a strong case of Bieber Fever. Take two Taylor Swift CD’s and get some rest, see a trained medical professional if symptoms persist!

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