Gerry's "Fit or Sit" Quiz

Gerry's "Fit or Sit" Quiz

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QUESTION ONE! If you’ve got a pad and pencil then write down 2 bonus points! If you don’t have a pad and pencil, then don’t write down any points… you’ve failed the first test and you don’t even have a pencil to write anything down with!

QUESTION TWO! What do you prefer?

A) Outdoor activities or playing outside?
B) Staying inside and playing inside?

For an A give yourself 3 points for a B give yourself 1 point. If you still haven’t managed to get a pad and pencil – NO POINTS!

QUESTION THREE! How many sports do you play?

Give yourself one point per sport.

QUESTION FOUR! You’re on the couch and your mum’s getting the groceries out of the car. Do you…

A) Get up and help? – 2 points
B) Or do you stay on the couch and switch on the TV? – If the show is Sticky TV then one point, anything else – NO POINTS!

QUESTION FIVE! You’ve been saving money for a mobility scooter…

A) Is it for your grandma? – 2 points.
B) Or yourself? – minus 5 points.


You’ve recently been hired as a model! Are you being used as…

A) The before shot – no points
B) The after shot – 3 points

Now it’s time to add up your score! If you can’t be bothered adding up your scores – minus 2 points.

If you scored a negative number of points then you’re one lazy cat!

Less than 6 points: Come on! You’re not much better! You need to get outside more I can’t believe you want to get a mobility scooter!

Between 6 and 12 points: That’s more like it! You’re doing a pretty good job! Leading a healthy balanced lifestyle and taking part in sports or other activities which are a good way have fun and meet new people.

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