Gerry's "Are You Sweet or Stink" Quiz

Gerry's "Are You Sweet or Stink" Quiz

Write down your answers so you can tally them up at the end!

QUESTION ONE - How often do you shower or bathe?

A. "Never."

B. “Once sometimes twice a day.”

C. “7 or 8 Times a day ahhh and I’m scared of life!”

D. “Does swimming in the duck pond at queen’s gardens count as bathing? What is a shower?”

QUESTION TWO - Which of the following statements are most familiar to you?

A. “Gosh who farted?"

B. “You smell nice today.”

C. “Woahhh something smells amazing but it’s making me dizzy.”

D. “If you come into this store again dripping with dirty duck pond water I’m going to call the police!”

QUESTION THREE - What is your favourite food?

A. “I love food with heaps of garlic.”

B. “Strawberries and Cream.”

C. “A fresh slice of Protex soap with hand sanitizer sauce.”

D. “Bread slash whatever the ducks are having brackets normally bread.”

The test is over…now tally up your score!

If you got mainly A’s: Watch out because you’re on the fast train to smelly town! You’re going to have to start showering once a day, brush your teeth after eating and for goodness sake try and keep your farts to yourself! You’re possibly a Stinker!

If most of your answers were B’s: Keep up the good work! You’re not over doing it and your right: Strawberry’s and cream are delicious! You’re Sweet!

Those people who got C’s on the other hand: Your way overdoing it on the cleanliness! Nobody should to shower more than twice a day maximum! And hey go easy on the Deodorant sprays I can smell you through the screen!

D’s on the other hand: I wrote in the D’s mainly for my mate Jason. Jase if you’re watching mate please, please come on home! Being duck toed is just an expression you didn’t have to go and live with the ducks!

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