Flower Bowl

Flower Bowl


- 2 bowls (large and smaller)
- Flower
- Ice cubes
- Jug of chilled water
- Flowers from your garden- eg. Marigolds, borage, nasturtium, violas. Only eat flowers you know are edible. Ask someone if you’re not sure. Always wash them really well before you eat them!


1. Cover the bottom of your large bowl with ice cubes- sit the smaller bowl on top, freeze for half an hour. This sets the two bowls together.
2. Pour chilled water half way up bowl, sprinkle half your flowers in.
Chill again for half an hour, or until frozen. Repeat this step as many times as you like, the less water you put in each time, the more layers of flowersyou can have- but will take a lot longer.
5. Then freeze over night.
6. To unfreeze just sit the whole thing in a sink of warm water- the bowls should pop apart. If not, be patient- ice melts remember!

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