Floral Party Hat

Floral Party Hat


-A few different coloured pieces of crepe paper
-A pair of scissors
-A cheap / or old headband
-Sticky Tape
-An oldie to help out!


1. First you’ll need a strip of crepe paper to make your petals – fold this in half length ways. To cut your petals you will need to cut widthways towards the fold (leaving about 2cm of uncut paper from the fold so that it doesn’t fall to pieces!)
2. Now put this to the side while you make the centre of your flower… to do this you will need to scrunch up some crepe paper into a ball – paint this with glue and using another square of crepe – cover your crepe ball and twist it together to hold it in place.
3. Holding the centre of your flower (it's easiest if you hold the twisted part at the bottom) put glue around the bottom half of the ball and position your petals into place.
4. Press your petals firmly into place so that the glue will hold them.
5. Now you have finished your first flower… you can make as many as you like in all different colours!And once you have them all ready, it’s time to fasten them to your headband!
6. You can use sticky tape to fasten your flowers onto your headband.

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