Fixing a Puncture

Fixing a Puncture

If you want to try fixing a puncture on your bike then follow these steps from Walt...

Step 1) Flip the bike upside down and take off the wheel – if it’s the back wheel it’s a lot more tricky so ask an adult for help!

Step 2) Use the tyre lever to pry the tyre off the wheel, this takes quite a while especially if there’s still a lot of air in the tyre you might wanna let some out.

Step 3) Take out the inner tube and pump it up. Check for thorns, wire or anything that may have caused the puncture.

Step 4) slowly put the tube through the water looking for air bubbles that indicate where the air is coming out, remember it could be a tiny hole so mark it with chalk so you don’t loose it.

 Step 5) dry off the tube and rough up the area around the puncture with sandpaper. Then cover it with glue and carefully apply the patch. Make sure there are no air bubbles! Then leave it for 10 minutes to dry.

 Step 6) Your just about done, beginning with the valve put the tube back inside the tire and put the tire back onto the bike. Check with an adult if your struggling with this bit… and your done!



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