Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover


- 2 old sheets in a colour or design you really like – these should be the same bed size as your duvet (e.g single/double/queen etc) – if you want a reversible duvet cover, choose a different colour or pattern for each sheet
- Cotton thread in a colour that matches your sheets
- Fabric scissors
- A sewing machine
- Your duvet inner
- Pins
- Domes


1.First, find a large, clear floor space and lay your two sheets on the floor, one on top of the other with no bunching or creasing.The sheets should line up exactly, and if there is a “right side” to the sheets (e.g if the pattern is brighter on one side) – that side should be in the middle.
2.Take your duvet inner out of your old duvet cover and lay it out over the two sheets.The sheets will be slightly larger than the duvet inner so they should stick out around the edges of the duvet inner.Line the bottom of the duvet inner up with the nicest seam of the sheets, and leave an even amount of sheet space around the other three sides.
3.Cut around the shape of the duvet, leaving 5cm of sheet fabric around the sides and 10cm around the top end to allow for the thickness of the duvet and a seam allowance.
4.Pin the two sheets together around three edges (leaving the bottom with the nice seam unpinned).
5.Sew around the three edges that you’ve pinned up – remember to leave the bottom open because that’s where you’ll put your duvet in!
6.Turn the duvet out the right way so that the seams are in the middle.Then sew your domes along the bottom edge so that you can close your duvet cover up.
7.Put your duvet inside your brand new duvet cover and enjoy your unique, custom made, very cool new duvet cover!

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