Dreamer's Necklace

Dreamer's Necklace


- Old bangle
- Leather string (suede)
- Embroidery wool
- Feathers
- Beads
- Beading wire
- Wire snips
- Flat pliers
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun


1. Tie the embroidery thread onto the bracelet then hold your finger in the middle so it creates about a 2cm gap and isn’t too tight!
2. At the 2cm point, loop the thread over the outside of the hoop and back through the loop of thread you have made.
3. Repeat all the way around the bracelet.
4. When you have gone the whole length around the bracelet, do the same thing again, but instead of looping the thread around the bracelet, loop the thread through the loops you have just created to make more loops. This time rather than going down through the bracelet go up through it…so backwards!
5. Keep repeating this step until you come to the middle of your bracelet and tie off.
6. To attach feather, loop a length of your beading wire around the bottom middle of your bracelet. Twist it a couple of times and then wrap it around and around the top of a feather. Cut off the excess with wire snips + use flat pliers to push down any sharp ends. Attach two feathers on either side of the first one.
7. If you want to add beads, thread the feather + wire through the bead and wrap around more wire underneath the bead to secure it in place.
8. To finish, measure a length of leather string to go around your neck and thread it through the top of the bracelet.

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