Dr Zoidberg

Dr Zoidberg

Character bio:

Doctor Zoidberg
age: unknown
job: Doctor for Planet Express
voiced by: Billy West

Zoidberg is the company doctor at Planet Express and although he claims to have expertise in human medicine, he has a non-existent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. He is often frowned on by his co-workers and despite his career as a doctor, Zoidberg is identified as living in poverty, lonely and desperate for friendship and attention...poor Zoidberg. He also has foul habits, is socially inept and makes a crazy, high-pitched sound when frightened or fleeing from danger.

Zoidberg comes from a race called the Decapodians from the sandy planet called Decapod 10. They are crustaceans with lobster-like claws, mouth tentacles, a hard exoskeleton, a fleshy, boneless interior, a fin that appears atop their heads during mating season or extreme anger, an ink pouch, two stomachs (one saltwater and one freshwater), three hearts, (originally four) and a complex system of internal organs.

Actor bio:

The voice of Zoidberg is also the voice of Fry and Farnsworth on Futurama. Billy West is well-known in animation circles and is one of an increasingly popular breed - actors heard but not seen. Tops in the voice-over business, some of West's most famous voices include those of Ren & Stimpy, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in the feature film Space Jam and the official voice of Woody Woodpecker, as well as years of providing celebrity voice impersonations on The Howard Stern Show. Some of his animated projects include: Histeria!, Catdog, Detention, Voltron, Rayman, Project Geeker and Men in Black.

Amongst other things, West has been the in-show announcer for the Screen Gems Network, the voice of George Jetson for Radio Shack, Marfalump for the Pepsi/Star Wars ad campaign, various claymation characters for Brisk Iced Tea and the Red M&M for the millennium M&Ms campaign. A self-proclaimed Mel Blanc devotee, West recalls that even as a very small child he would listen to people's voices on the radio and imitate them. His big break came in 1988, when he landed the role of Cecil in the cartoon Beanie and Cecil. From there, he was noticed by the creators of Ren & Stimpy, who brought him on to portray the dim-bulb feline, Stimpy; later, he also took over the role of the psychotic chihuahua Ren. It was at that time that he supplied an array of outrageous characterizations for The Howard Stern Show.

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