Dog Washing

Dog Washing

Does your pup need a good clean? Follow these instructions!

Make sure you’re always using the right shampoo/soap for dogs.

Fill the tub with warm water– dogs have sensitive skin. Circular motions cover lots of ground (fur) quickly and make your dog happy. Don’t forget those hard to reach spots like under his legs!

Rinse shampoo thoroughly with warm water– make sure it all soap comes off to avoid skin irritation.

Finally give them a good rub down with a towel. Make sure it’s not one of your mums nice towels!

Dogs with longer fur that sheds a lot don’t need baths very often (every 6 months) their long fur is naturally water and dirt repellent and bathing too often can strip the natural oils.
Dogs with shorter fur that doesn’t shed much (like Teddy!) need baths more frequently (every 6 weeks).

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