Dibbles game

Dibbles game

Dibbles is an awesome game you can play these holidays with your friends!

- 3 or more people
- Stickers – they can be spots or whatever you can find laying around the place.
- Your concentration!

How to win - Don't Laugh!

The first player says “Ha”….the second player says “ha, ha”….the third player says “Ha, ha, ha”….and so on. Keep going around and adding one Ha to each turn.
Say the word “Ha” as seriously as possible. Any player who laughs or gets the wrong number of “ha’s” has to place a sticker on their face!
You can make faces or act silly to try and make them laugh. You aren’t allowed to touch or say anything!
There is a time limit of 3 mins to try and keep a straight face…the one with the least stickers when time is up wins!!!

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