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Dianna Agron (as Quinn Fabray)

Dianna Agron - Glee

Quinn Fabray Character Biography

Quinn is re-instated as head cheerleader of the Cheerios, but she is still nursing a broken heart and a bruised ego over losing Finn to Rachel. She starts dating the new kid, Sam, with the hope of regaining her popular girl status. When Mr. Schue gives Quinn and Sam the lead duet of "I've Had the Time of My Life" at sectionals, the competition between her and Rachel escalates.

Sue passes down an ultimatum to Quinn and her fellow Cheerios: they must choose between glee club and cheerleading. Finn persuades her to stay with New Directions, and she thanks him for helping her make the right choice by giving him a lingering kiss.

Quinn and Finn start secretly dating, but when Sam finds out, he breaks up with her. Quinn and Finn go public with their rekindled relationship and announce their candidacy for prom king and queen. While dishing up dirt on her prom queen competitor, Lauren discovers that Quinn was formerly ugly duckling Lucy Q. Fabray, or "Loosey Caboosey," before transferring to McKinley High.

Despite Quinn's best efforts, Kurt wins the title of prom queen when he is written in as a mean-spirited joke. And when Finn fights Jessie over Rachel on the dance floor, Quinn begins to realize that she's losing him again.

Finn breaks up with Quinn, saying that he still feels tethered to Rachel. In New York for nationals, a jealous Quinn watches Finn romance Rachel. She decides to get a new lease on life, starting with an updated short haircut.

Dianna Agron Biography

During her budding career, Dianna Agron has appeared on numerous television shows, including Numb3rs, Shark, Close To Home and CSI: NY. She also had a recurring role on the critically acclaimed series Veronica Mars and was seen as Debbie Marshall on the sci-fi hit Heroes. She appeared in It's A Mall World, a series of short films directed by Milo Ventimiglia.

Agron recently starred in the feature film The Romantics opposite Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin and Elijah Wood and I Am Number Four, a sci-fi thriller produced by Steven Spielberg.

Agron, 23 years old, grew up in San Francisco, and is a supporter of the animal rights organization PETA. She lives in Los Angeles.

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