Dessert Jelly

Dessert Jelly


- Packet frozen berries
- 1x packet strawberry jelly
- Boiling water
- Pretty jelly mould or you could use individual glasses


1. Mix your jelly up according to the packet – remember to always have someone older around when using boiling water!
2. Pour your first layer of frozen berries into the jelly mould.
3. Pour enough jelly mixture into the mould to cover the first layer of berries and set the rest aside.
4. Refrigerate jelly mould for 5mins.
5. Top up your mould with another layer of berries, pour in some more jelly mixture and pop back in the fridge for 5mins.
6. Repeat until you have filled up your jelly mould and then refrigerate for 1 hour or until set.

The reason you refrigerate the jelly in stages like that is so that the fruit is evenly spread throughout the jelly – otherwise it would all sit at the bottom!

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