Sleepover tips and tricks

Sleepover tips and tricks

- So the “no dishes way” is best when you’ve got your mates over so turn your big bag to share into a bowl. Put the popcorn bag on its side and make a hole in the top to turn the bag into a bowl

- Take your fave drink and shake it up! You want as much pressure to build up inside as you can get. Put the bottle in the freezer for around 3hrs. The drink will be colder than freezing but not actually frozen. Take off the lid gently then pour the drink in to a bowl or cup that’s been in the freezer and it’ll turn into a slushy right before your eyes.

- So you’re going to serve burgers…now if you’re in the sitting room or your bedroom you don’t want bits of meat, cheese, tomato, mayo and bread all over the place. So eat your burger upside down. The top of the bun is always bigger and therefore stuff won’t drop out!

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