DIY Designs for your Shoes

DIY Designs for your Shoes

Check out this awesome idea from Mon to make your shoes a little bit snazzy!

So there’s a bit of a trend at the moment with DIY designs on your shoes – drawing something from your imagination or some song lyrics maybe…so why not positive affirmations! Grab yourself some different coloured whiteboard markers, because they won’t be permanent…and of course you shouldn’t draw anything on your shoes with out asking your parents!

You could use one of the following positive affirmations! A good idea is to pop cellotape on your shoes before you write on them so you can change up what you’ve written!

“You’re a star! (*)”
“You’ve got so much sole!”
“One step at a time”
“Walking on sunshine”
“if the shoe fits…then this is your shoe”
“Put your best foot forward”

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