Cory Monteith (as Finn Hudson)

Corey Monteith (as Finn Hudson)

Finn Hudson Character Biography

At the start of the school year, Finn is still dating Rachel, and he finds himself in a power struggle with new kid Sam Evans over who will be the football team's quarterback. Unfortunately, this puts him in the position of choosing between defending Kurt against Karofsky or keeping the peace on the Titans. He doesn't stand up to the bully, but when Finn and Kurt's parents finally get married, he realizes the error of his ways and slow dances with his new stepbrother at the reception.

Finn's relationship with Rachel is tested when she finds out that he slept with Santana. They promise to never lie again, forcing Rachel to come clean that she made out with Puck. Upset by the fact that a second girlfriend has cheated on him with his ex-best friend, he breaks up with Rachel.

Finn sets up a kissing booth to rekindle his romance with Quinn, and the McKinley high power couple reunites. But when Rachel begins to show an interest in her ex, Jessie, Finn gets jealous, and the boys fight on the dance floor at the prom. Then Quinn begins to question Finn's love for her. At the funeral for Sue's sister, Finn realizes that he is still connected to Rachel, and he breaks up with Quinn.

While in New York for nationals, Finn tries to reunite with Rachel. She turns him down, knowing that after graduation she will return to Broadway to pursue her career. But after a spontaneous kiss during the final number of the competition, they both realize that they can't deny their love.

Cory Monteith Biography

Cory Monteith is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's most sought-after young actors since catapulting to stardom this past year.

Monteith recently completed work on the film "Monte Carlo" opposite Leighton Meester, Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy.

His additional television credits include a lead role on the series Kaya and a recurring guest-star role on Kyle XY. He has also had numerous guest appearances on television shows, including Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate, Flash Gordon and Interns. Additionally, he starred in the 2007 television movie Hybrid.

Monteith's film credits include Final Destination 3, The Invisible, Deck the Halls and Whisper.

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