Compost Bin Potato Cooking

Compost Bin Potato Cooking


- Tin foil
- Potatoes
- Compost bin
- Shovel / pitch fork
- Lite sour cream
- Chives 


1. Wrap your potatoes in tin foil.
2. So once these are wrapped in tinfoil they’re ready to be baked!
3. Head to your compost bin. The ideal heat for a compost bin is 55-65 degrees-and the hotter the better for cooking tatties.

The key to get your oven/compost cranking is that you should have 4 parts dried brown material like leaves and shredded paper to one part green material like grass clippings and vege scraps.

Make sure your compost is in a super sunny place and get in there with a pitch fork to mix it up every now and then.

4. Once you’ve got that sorted get your potatoes in …make sure you wear gloves because it’s going to be toasty in there! You’ll need to leave them in there for about 2 days before they’re ready to eat!

You could serve them with some lite sour cream and chives to add flavour!

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