Coloured Pencil Jewellery

Coloured Pencil Jewellery


- Hexagonal coloured pencils (1 x pack wooden on outside, 1x pack normal)
- Junior hacksaw
- Fine sandpaper
- Drill & small drillbit
- Elastic/stretchy fishing line
- Small clasps to hold bracelets together
- Small pliers
- Superglue
- A toothpick or skewer for gluing
- Brooch back


1. Start by cutting your pencils.
- Get someone older to give you a hand with the sawing part and tell them not to press too hard with the saw, or they’ll split the outside wood.
2. Next step is to tidy them. Place sandpaper on a flat surface and rub beads along till smooth.
3. Then drill a hole into each bead so the string can be pulled through.
- Use a piece of scrap wood under drill. Don’t go making holes in the kitchen bench!

Once you’ve got your beads sorted- it’s just a matter of turning them into something cool.

4. To make them in to a bracelet string beads onto line - use clasp and needle nosed pliers to fasten.
5. Or to make a broach - arrange beads in a cool pattern and use a toothpick or skewer to super glue the beads together (remember to grab an oldie for this job). Glue on brooch backing with superglue and leave to dry.

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