Christmas Sponge Cake

Christmas Sponge Cake


- 8 eggs separated (whites in one bowl, yolks in the other)
- 190g sugar
- 95g flour
- 55g corn starch
- 45g melted butter
- 1tsp vanilla extract

And you’ll need some pre-made jelly, jam and fruit of your choice to top it off!


1. Pour egg yolks into mix, turn to high speed and mix until creamy!
2. After 1 minute add 2 tbsp sugar. Keep mixing for a few minutes until thickened up a bit.
3. Add vanilla extract.
4. Mix until volume has doubled from what it was originally. Turn off machine, transfer mixture to a separate bowl.

Hint: Before the next bit, clean the mixing bowl completely so that the fat from the egg yolks don’t spoil the other ingredients put into the mixing bowl.

5. Now add the egg whites into the mixing bowl and mix on high until white and frothy.
6. Slowly add the sugar a little bit at a time.
7. The egg whites are ready when they have good peaks on them when you pull a spoon of it out of the mixing bowl.
8. Now pour your egg yolk mixture onto your egg white mixture and fold it all together. Do not over mix!
9. Sieve the flour and corn flour into the mix.

Note: Sifting the flour will actually make the cake more ‘spongy’ as it increases the amount of air in the cake!

10. Fold it once again (don’t over-mix)
11. Add the melted butter (don’t over mix)
12. Pour mixture into baking tin and pop in pre-heated oven for 30 minutes.

Check to see if your cake is ready by poking a skewer into it. If the skewer comes out with no mixture on it then it’s ready! Let the cake cool before you start with your topping.

Next you want to spread a yummy strawberry jam over your sponge cake. The next layer will be your jelly, follow the instructions on the packet and leave to set.Once set pull it out and start scooping it onto cake. Lastly decorate the cake with your fresh fruit!

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