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Chris Griffin

Brian Griffin

Character bio:

The eldest son of the Griffin's. He is quite clearly taking after his father, already proving that he is rather dim when it comes to common sense.

He enjoys watching televison, playing computer games and painting. He is afraid of the evil monkey that lives in his room.

Actor bio:

Seth Green has spent over 25 years working in both television and film. He was named “Best TV Actor” by Entertainment Weekly and E! Entertainment.

Green began his career in film, television and stage at age 7. His first film job was co-starring in The Hotel New Hampshire, followed four years later by a lead in Woody Allen’s Radio Days. He went on to star in numerous films, including Without a Paddle, The Italian Job, Party Monster, Knockaround Guys, Can’t Hardly Wait, America’s Sweethearts, Rat Race, Enemy of the State and all three Austin Powers movies.

Green and Matthew Senreich are the co-creators/co-directors/co-writers/executive producers of Robot Chicken, and Green voices 35-60 characters each episode on the stop-motion animation, pop culture parody show. In addition to his regular role as the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy, Green’s television credits include roles on the critically acclaimed series Greg the Bunny and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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