Celery Snail

Celery Snail


- A stalk of celery – make sure it’s washed!
- A thin slice of apple
- A resealable bag with peanut butter, with a tiny bit of one of the corners cut off
- Two thin slices of carrot
- Two raisins for eyes
- Some small raisins for decorating the shell
- Someone to help!


1. The first thing you want to do is pipe a good portion of peanut butter into the celery.
2. Then stand your slice of apple up inside it to make the snail shell.
3. Make a spiral pattern on the shell with your peanut butter bag then stick your carrot slices at the front to make the antennae.
4. Then put your raisins in front of the antennae for the eyes.
5. Put a few little splotches of peanut butter along the outside of the apple slice, and then use your raisins to decorate the shell!

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