CD Case Poster

CD Case Poster


• CD cases with covers taken out
• Painted posters or regular posters
• Pen
• Scissors
• 2 giant pieces of cardboard that the CD posters will attach to
• Strong glue
• Gorilla glue
• 2 massive pieces of paper, about one metre by one metre
• 2 X pencil
• Large ruler


• Draw even squares over the original poster and then getting a poster sized piece of paper and draw larger squares onto that. Copy the smaller image onto the big piece of paper.
• Flip over the new poster and start tracing the outline of all the CD’s onto the back of it.
• Number all the CD pieces which have been drawn onto back of poster so that can put them in order when they’re in CD’s.
• Put the cut out pieces into the clear CD cases and onto big sheets of card board to hold it all together.

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