Brekkie Banana Pops

Brekkie Banana Pops


- Greek yoghurt
- 2-3 bananas
- Popsicle sticks
- Some toppings! You can use whatever your fave is – we used cocoa puffs, muesli, chocolate chips, cornflakes & raisins


1) It’s a good idea to store your bananas in the fridge for a while before making the brekkie pops – it seems to help the topping stick!
2) Peel your bananas and chop them in half, then pop a popsicle stick in one end.
3) Create a toppings station – first a dish of yoghurt, then cocoa puffs, muesli, cornflakes, choc chips and raisins – or whatever you like!
4) Cover the banana in yoghurt first – then roll it in your fave topping
5) You can also get creative and add on your toppings by hand to make patterns!
6) Then place the pops on a tray lined with baking paper and freeze those babies! Then enjoy!

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