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Bob's Burgers Trivia

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- Despite having three females in the Belcher family, Louise is the only female character to be voiced by a woman.

- In the beginning credits, the building to the right of Bob's restaurant changes every episode. For example, in the first episode it is a P.F.E.T.A building (complete with a "Meat is Murder" sign), then in episode two it's Trot's All Natural Fertilizer, and episode three there's a sign reading "Rent Reduced Crime Scene Special" with crime scene tape surrounding the building.

- To pitch the show to the Fox network, the creators of the show made a rough three minute demo of the scene where Bob and Linda are grinding the meat and Bob forgets their wedding anniversary. The differences between the demo and the scene in the actual show included very different character designs by Jay Howell, cruder animation and the Belchers were originally a family of cannibals, making burgers out of the flesh of their victims. However, Fox found the idea of cannibalism too dark for an animated sitcom so it was taken out. Although, this lead to the plot of the first episode where the family is accused by the health inspectors of being cannibals.

- Bob's friend Mort runs a funeral parlour and crematorium. Mort actually means death in French and other languages.

- The anus paintings are consistent with works done by Salvador Dalí, for whom the "Salvador Cauliflower Burger" special is named, and the Surrealist art movement.

- In the opening sequence of each episode, the property to the right of Bob's has a different name and in each episode of the show it is shown as being for rent.

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