Blog: The Glee Project Episode 11: Glee-ality


by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Can't believe it's already the finale! I don't know about everyone else but for me this season has just flown by! The phrase "time flies when you're having fun" could not ring truer in this instance...

For Ali, Aylin and Blake, the longest Glee audition ever is about to come to an end and one of them is about to win their dream role. They have one last chance to impress Ryan Murphy and convince him that they have the "Glee factor" and belong on the show – no pressure!

I was really excited that You Can't Stop The Beat was the final home work assignment number. I love Hairspray and I absolutely love this song! I also really loved the Glee rendition, especially how it starts off slow. The contestants' rendition was good, just maybe a tad too fast-paced, I thought. It all seemed slightly frantic – though I enjoyed Blake's hilarious dance moves!

It was great to see all the previously eliminated contenders back to finish off the season together. Loved Dani's fedora! And yay, Chris Colfer! He was definitely the perfect final guest mentor; as Robert said, he epitomizes what The Glee Project is all about.

Their last group number was Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae which was fun and fit with the prom theme but I must say I much preferred last season's final group number (Raise Your Glass). Speaking of last season – oh em glee, hello Damian! I was totally not expecting that so was a nice surprise!

[spoilers ahead – don't read on if you haven't watched the episode!]

So my lovely fellow Gleeks, what did you all think of the final verdict? I must say I'm quite surprised. I did kind of expect it though as I did have a strong feeling Blake would be picked because of his skill level and star quality. It's undeniable he has been the most consistent contender all season. His only major weakness was that he struggles with harmonies but that can be improved on with training.

In terms of inspiring back story though, Aylin and Ali were more deserving, in my opinion. After all isn't that what Glee is all about? My only thought as to why Ryan did not choose either of them is that possibly with Aylin, she has been inconsistent and there were weeks she did not take things seriously. And with Ali, even though it would have added a greater deal of authenticity having her on the show, I don't think Ryan wanted to have another character in a wheelchair on the show.

On an aside, I totally expected Charlie to say something to defend Aylin when nobody put her name forward as their vote to win! That boy's got it bad... I thought it was really interesting – and not surprising at all – that pretty much all of the cast voted for Ali to win. Ryan seems to have changed tact this year and went with his writers' vote (and rightfully so!) because last season I believe he let the cast sway his decision (the cast had voted strongly for Damian).

The Glee Project is over but Wednesdays at 7:30pm is still the Glee hour – next week season four premieres! See you Gleeks at the Glee blog!

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