Bamboo Phone Holder

Bamboo Phone Holder


- Wide piece of bamboo or a hollow piece of wood (bamboo should have a solid natural ring in the middle of it).
- Chisel
- Drill
- Sand paper
- An oldie to help!


1. Put bamboo in a vice to hold it steady.
2. Measure the bottom of your Dad’s phone so you know how big to make the slot in the bamboo.
3. Mark the four corners of the area you need to cut out in the bamboo.
4. Drill a hole on each corner of the area you are removing from the bamboo then drill several holes around the edge of the area you are removing so that they all join. The inside of the area you want to get rid of should fall out (make sure your oldie helps out here!)
5. Get a small rasp or sand paper and smooth out the hole so your Dad’s cell phone fits in nicely.v 6. Next cut the ends of the bamboo at angles to give it a funky look, use a hand saw (make sure your oldie helps out here!)
6. Use a chisel or saw across the bottom to make it flat so it sits up-right (make sure your oldie helps out here!)
7. Sand where ever it needs smoothing.

You could even engrave your Dad’s name or a message into the bamboo using a small chisel.

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