Aquarium Terrarium

Aquarium Terrarium


- Sand (you can get it at Mitre 10 Mega!)
- Food colouring – we used blue, green and yellow!
- 3 or 4 resalable bags or airtight containers
- Pebbles or gemstones
- Plants – it’s best to use ‘succulents’ – cactus type plants - because they are super low maintenance and can grow in sand with only a little soil – so ask for those at Mitre 10 Mega too!
- Decorations – we used a toy sailboat, a plastic mermaid from a drink stirrer and some toy fish!
- Something to build your aquarium terrarium in – like an old fishbowl!


1) First up, separate your sand into 3 or 4 different containers or re-sealable bags, depending on how many colours of sand you’re after
2) To make light blue sand for the ocean – add 2-3 drops of blue food colouring to some sand which is in a bag or container.
3) Close the bag or container and shake it all around until it’s all combined!
4) To make a darker blue for the depths of the ocean – simply add more blue food colouring to the next batch of sand!
5) Top tip – if your sand is getting wet or sticky from the food colouring, use gloves to carefully spread it out on a tray in the sun for a bit.
6) Next, start off by creating a layer of rocks or pebbles in the bottom of a bowl or jar.
7) Then layer on different coloured sand – alternating colours. Try not to let the colours mix together…take your time!
8) Once you've built up your sand art to about half way, it’s time to get planting. Add another layer of rocks or pebbles to help with drainage.
9) Arrange some cactus type plants on top called succulents. It’s important to keep a bit of soil from the pot you bought them in around their roots.
10) Cover the surrounding area with more sand.
11) Then get decorating! You can be as creative as you like. We used a plastic mermaid from a drinks stirrer, and some toy boats and fish.
12) Succulent plants are awesome because they need very little water.
13) Give them a small drink or a mist of water once a week to start with, and then every 2-3 weeks.

Get creative! You can put whatever you like in your terrarium! Check out this one!

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