Amy Wong

Amy Wong

Character bio:

Amy Wong
age: unknown
job: student
voiced by: Lauren Tom

Amy is from a very rich Chinese family...her parents own the entire western hemisphere of Mars and they are stereotypically meddling, pressuring her to get married and give them grandchildren. They are often shown to be rather unkind to Amy.

Amy is known for being shallow but kind and ditzy. She uses Martian slang, which is simply American slang but with altered consonants, for example "Guh" (duh) or "Shman" (man) and, according to her, because of her supreme cuteness she had to have cuteness reduction surgery on her cheek and nose when she was a teenager...

As a result of their looks and interesting love lives, there is often a little rivalry between Amy and Leela, with Amy always ready to put down Leela.

Amy isn't just a pretty face though, she is also skilled in piloting the Planet Express spaceship, can understand "yeti", and is a mini golf champion.

Actor bio:

Lauren Tom is an award winning actress, most known for her role as Ross's girlfriend on Friends. She also plays the role of Mai Washington on Men in Trees and has recently appeared in the film In Good Company with Scarlett Johansson and Dennis Quaid.

Other credits include Bad Santa (2003), When a Man Loves a Woman (1994), Mr. Jones (1993) and Manhood (2003).

Lauren has also appeared on Broadway in A Chorus Line, Hurlyburly and Doonesbury and has a one-woman show, called 25 Psychics, which is an engaging, humorous look at her quest for inner peace. This premiered at HBO'S U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and received Dramalogue Awards for Best Performance and Best Direction.

Her voice work can be heard in the animated series, Futurama (1999), King of the Hill (1997), Teacher's Pet (2004), Batman Beyond (1999), Kim Possible (2002) and the recently animated DVD, Mulan 2 (2004).

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