American Horror Story Blog: Birth

American Horror Story episode 10

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

The tension and animosity between the ghosts in the house is at an all time high with the imminent arrival of the babies.  When Violet discovers this tug of war that is happening between the ghosts, she seeks help from an unlikely ally. 

Billie Dean the medium is called in to ward off the evil spirits in what she says is a very "crowded house".  And finally – the moment we have all been hoping and waiting for but sadly is clearly far too late: Ben sees the house for what it truly is.  

This Week's Horror Stories 

- Violet contemplates her future in the house and the impact it will have on Ben and Vivien when they find out.  Things go from sombre and despondent to utter horror when Violet learns the truth of what Tate did.  Unable to forgive him for his evil acts, she demands he leave her alone in the same way Nora taught a young Tate to banish scary spirits away. 

- I wasn't at all surprised that Vivien conveniently went into labour the moment they returned to the house.  And that Constance was conveniently nearby to help lead her in to the house.  What I found so incredibly creepy was the babies being delivered by a trio of ghosts.  If that hadn't convinced Ben that the house is haunted, I don't know what else would have! 

- The human baby is unsurprisingly born a stillborn which Nora ends up taking.  Somehow I picture a second Frankenstein baby is in the works there.  The demon baby ends up being smuggled away by Constance.  From Addie to Tate and now this devil child, it's become painfully obvious that children and Constance do not mix...

- Vivien loses too much blood and unsurprisingly dies shortly after the birth.  The good news is – in a twisted way – she is now reunited with Violet.  I am curious to see how the family will co-exist now, with Ben being the only one alive.  Surely they will make themselves known to Ben and be able to communicate with him.  This could be a good thing for Ben; maybe they will help him escape.

With both Vivien and Violet gone, I doubt there is much hope left for Ben who is now clearly outnumbered.  What more could the ghosts want now that the babies are born?  Will Ben survive and get to leave this cursed house?  Find out in next week's season finale!

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