This month we have one epic prize up for grabs!!

Glide into the new year of Sticky TV, with a glideboard!!!!

You don’t need to be a celebrity to get your feet on one of these slick, motorised roller boards because we are giving them plus helmets away to 2 Stickers who answer this question:

Where would you glideboard to in your town??

Answer the question, pop it in an envelope and send it to the address below!

REMEMBER to include all of your contact deets on your entry so we can get in touch with you if you're our lucky winner!

ENTRIES CLOSE: 29th of February so get yours in quick!

Terms and Conditions

A message from is New Zealand’s largest retailer of 2015’s hottest consumer electronics craze. There have been some safety incidents overseas relating to boards with faulty batteries, produced by manufacturers who were cutting corners. None of these boards were sold by, whose manufacturers use only household brand-name suppliers for their batteries, Samsung and LG.

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