5+A day Hot Dogs

5+A day Hot Dogs


- Burger buns (whole meal)
- 2 tsp grated ginger
- 1 cup seasoned rice wine vinegar
- 2 table spoons of brown
- 2 table spoons of sesame oil
- 2 table spoons fresh coriander chopped
- 1 table spoon toasted sesame seeds
- Red capsicum
- Green capsicum
- Carrot
- Low fat sausages


1. Start by chopping up your veges. The veges should be chopped finely so it is best to shred the cabbage. To do this roll it into a cylinder and slice it thinly (get an oldie to help you with this).
3. Add chopped onion and sausages to a frying pan to cook.
4. Now you need to make the dressing for your coleslaw. Whisk together vinegar, sugar and sesame oil, mix until the sugar has dissolved.
5. Add the dressing to your veges and mix in the coriander and sesame seeds to finish the coleslaw.

Finally you need to put your hot dogs together:
- Put the coleslaw into a bun.
- Add your sausage.
- Add tomato sauce.

Now you’re already to try your tasty 5+A day hot dogs!!

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