30 Rock and Parenthood Renewed for New Seasons

30 Rock and Parenthood Renewed for New Seasons

Fans of 30 Rock and Parenthood can look forward to new seasons of the quirky comedy and family drama.

Parenthood, starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson, will continue to a fourth season after pulling in its strongest ratings in the United States last November.

30 Rock, starring (and produced by) Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Jane Krakowski will also return for a seventh season with 13 episodes.

Tina Fey has said after the seventh season she may look to do other projects.

"We can't do this for 35 years," Fey said on American talk show 'The View'.

"We'd love to keep going and see where everybody ends up, right? But you don't want to see me with a gray stripe, eating a slice of pizza, going on dates."

She has promised more guest stars in the meantime, plus more clips from an in-show reality series that mocks The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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